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chad michael murray ruined my life so i made this blog
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how do you know the things you know about chad? is there a place where fans can discuss him?
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So, you don't like Chad anymore because hunches and supposed happenings you don't actually know?

Not hunches. Actual PROOF.

Hunches were what I was getting all these years.

Proof is what I got last week when my friend sent me actual screenshots of the dirty messages Chad sent her on twitter last year when he was still in a 6 year relationship with another woman.

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Could you be more specific and let us know what has happened with him? I would like to know and I guess that people who like/liked him as well.

I will gladly let you know some of the stuff I’ve heard. I’m done defending him and I think everyone needs to know what an asshole he is.

  1. He cheated on Kenzie Dalton. If it wasn’t obvious, he did it. He slept with another woman when she was out of town. After what happened with Sophia Bush he had the nerve to do it again.
  2. He lied to the public about the timing of his break up to make Kenzie look like some kind of loser lived in with him even after they split.
  3. I’m 90% sure he married Nicky Whelan in December (even though I didn’t believe it when the rumors were doing rounds) just 3 MONTHS after ending his 7-year relationship with Kenzie.
  4. And now I’m hearing things about him CHEATING on Nicky and that’s why she dumped him a few days ago. You can take a look - She unfollowed him on twitter and insta. She deleted all her pictures with Chad on instagram. She favorited a tweet about Sophia Bush. I think it’s pretty obvious she hates him at the moment.
  5. I learnt over the weekend that he sends wildly inappropriate messages to female fans. My friend on twitter showed me the DMs he sent her a year ago (when he was still with Kenzie) and they were so disturbing holy shit. 

And if you want more reasons to hate him then just read this.

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why do you say : "CMM ruined my life so i made this blog" ?

Because back then he ruined my life in a cute way but now he LITERALLY ruined it and I want to punch him in the face

michael-murray: IMPORTANT NOTICE

I’m saddened to announce that I will no longer be posting on this blog. As you may have noticed, my updates have been very slow lately almost near to non-existent.

There are many reasons for this which I can’t really get into detail at the moment but the bottom line is Chad has really changed in this last year. And not in a good way. I don’t recognize him as the person I admired and looked up to. And I’m finding to harder and harder to defend his actions lately. I reached my breaking point last night when a close friend of mine informed me about a couple of things he’s been up to away from the public’s eye. So let me just seal the deal, I’m not a fan of his anymore.

I’m giving this blog up for anyone who still has enough respect to actually post about him on regular basis. Send me a message within the next week or so and I’ll give you the details. However, if no one is up for the job, I’m probably deleting or closing down the blog. 

Chad Michael Murray in Australia with fans